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Create the ultimate retro bungalow feel in your home. The warm colors and soft 100% linen coverings add a welcoming touch to any seating area. 

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An all-time favorite. Thanks to the earthy elements and natural colors, this is the most relaxed range in the retro 70s ceramic collection. Hand-finished surfaces make each piece unique. 

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Inspired by the desire to lounge around from time to time, HKliving created a couch that is both multi-functional and contemporary. You can create the couch you want with nine (9) Wave couch elements.

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The Cup Rack is a beautiful cup rack in 100% thread. You can choose from many beautiful colors for the shelf.

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Wire Lounge Couch has a slightly industrial look, like most of our other products. The sofa has armrests and if you add a nice cushion or some pillows

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The Console Table is our beautiful console table made of 100% wire. You can choose from several beautiful colors so that you get a bookcase that fits perfectly into your decor.

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C’est incroyable ! BEAU AGENCY au M&O avec des marques magnifiques…